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Heartworm and Flea/Tick Prevention:

Heartworm disease can be a very serious disease if contracted but is quite preventable. Year-round heartworm preventative given monthly is all that is needed to keep your pet free of this terrible disease. The disease is carried by mosquitoes making all animals susceptible. This disease is quite expensive to treat if contracted, making the preventative care a much better choice. Blood testing is required annually for this disease. Dogs over 6 months of age should be tested, while puppies can be started on preventative without testing.

Year-round heartworm preventative with annual heartworm tests is the current recommended protocol. Our heartworm preventatives prevent intestinal parasites that can be contracted all year round. We offer many different heartworm preventatives including:

  • Heartguard: prevents heartworm disease, treats and controls roundworms, hookworms and whip worms
  • Nexgard:A once monthly chewable tab that kills fleas and ticks within 48 hours. The advantages of Nexgard is that this product will not wash off if you bathe or take your dog swimming immediately after application. We advise using this April – November
  • Frontline: a monthly topical treatment for fleas and ticks. Kills adult fleas, eggs, larvae and all stages of variety of ticks. We advice Frontline to be used April – November.

    Cats and Heartworm Disease: Cats can get heartworms as easily as dogs and should all be on heartworm prevention. We use a topical product called Revolution. Revolution is a monthly topical product that should be used May or June - November.

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