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How to Find a Veterinary Clinic in Traverse City That You and Your Pet Can Trust

by veterinary_clinic_traverse_city 8. March 2014 15:55

When it comes to caring for your pet, finding a veterinary clinic in Traverse City that you can trust before you urgently need one is an important step every pet owner should take.  The last thing you want to deal with in an emergency is a veterinarian that doesn’t have the qualifications or the expertise that your pet deserves.  That’s why it’s so helpful to find a clinic that is prepared to care for your pet and that you can trust the same provider to provide quality care in an emergency. 

Finding a veterinary clinic in your area can be as simple as asking your friends and family for referrals, searching online and looking at review sites like Yelp for a different point of view.  All of these are great ways to get a good idea of how a particular clinic operates and what their specialties are.  Once you’ve found a few that you’d like to check out, consider dropping by without your pet and asking for a tour of their facilities.  This can really help to give you a good idea about how the clinic treats it’s patients and you can ask any questions you may have before making an appointment.

If your pet has any special health needs, be sure to find a vet clinic that can provide the proper treatments, including those that are performed for arthritis, hip problems and other more specialized vet services.  It’s also a good idea to find a vet clinic that offers emergency care, as you never know when you’ll need it for your pet.

Once you’ve found a clinic that you’d like to try, schedule a routine exam for your pet and see how the experience goes.  A good vet will listen to your questions and concerns and will show genuine care and compassion for your pet’s health needs.  If you ever feel uncomfortable with something that a vet recommends or by the way they are treating your animal – move on to someone else!  That’s the best way to ensure that your pet gets the healthcare that they deserve. 

When to Call an Emergency Veterinarian in Kalkaska

by veterinary_clinic_traverse_city 1. March 2014 15:53

As a pet owner, you always want to do what’s best for your pet, but sometimes it’s tough to know what they need in terms of medical care.  Northern Michigan Veterinary Hospital offers an emergency veterinarian in Kalkaska, Acme, Traverse City & Elk Rapids that is ready and able to help with those emergency situations.  There are some signs to look for in your pets that should never be ignored, as they are clear indications that your pet needs medical attention.  If you are someone who has always wondered when it is time to call the vet, then read on for some helpful advice.

There are definitely times when you know you need emergency vet care, such as when your pet has suffered from a serious injury that has resulted in broken bones, bleeding wounds or other obvious problems.  But what about all of those other times when you are unsure?  One of the rules to remember about pet care is that your pet is not all that different from the other members of your household.  Serious issues like extended periods of diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy, and loss of appetite are signs that your pet needs to be seen by a veterinarian. 


Other not so obvious signs that your pet may need medical attention include, sleeping more frequently, acting disoriented or confused, unable to walk and/or run.   If you are unsure of whether or not your pet needs emergency medical attention for their symptoms, contact a local veterinarian that offers emergency services and has the proper staff and equipment to ensure your pet gets the best medical attention possible.  In many cases, it may be nothing serious or life threatening, but it’s always a good idea to let a professional access your pet’s symptoms if you suspect a problem.  Keep this in mind when it comes to your pet’s health, as your actions and quick thinking could be what saves your pet.



Veterinarian Tips for Effective Flea & Tick Removal in Traverse City

by veterinary_clinic_traverse_city 22. February 2014 15:51

Fleas and ticks can cause big headaches for pet owners and can result in serious health problems in your pet as well if they aren’t treated the right way.  While the key to keeping pesky critters away from your pet is to discourage them from attaching through the use of special sprays, flea collars and flea medications, sometimes pet owners find themselves with a  full-blown problem on their hands.  That’s when it’s time to get serious about effective flea and tick removal in the home.

Once you’ve treated your pet for a flea and tick removal in Traverse City either by using topical spray and shampoos, or by treating with oral medications, then it’s time to clean up your home.  Many homeowners find out too late that they have to clean up their home in addition to cleaning their pet in order to completely get rid of a pest problem.  Fleas and other bugs love to live in your carpets, draperies, bedding and other surfaces and they will multiply incredibly fast if you aren’t careful.  That’s why you need to act fast to kill off any remaining bugs and to make sure that any adult fleas and other pests that are still there and their eggs are completely killed off. 

To get rid of fleas and ticks in the home, vacuum everything that you can as thoroughly as possible.  This includes places where bugs and their eggs like to live, including underneath the edge of your couch, below draperies and anywhere that your pet spends most of it’s time.  A decent vacuum can often get most of the eggs and fleas that live in your home, so make sure that you are vacuuming regularly, as it can actually help prevent problems down the road.

Insect foggers can also be a great way to rid your home of fleas and ticks, and should only be used once you’ve removed all of your bedding and other items for washing.  When choosing from the different foggers, sprays and other pest control items that are out there, make sure that you aren’t using them around your pets or around kids, as they can be harmful when inhaled.  If you have a serious problem, you may want to consider hiring a professional exterminator to get the job done safely for you.

What are Some Common Types of Pet Dental Services in Kalkaska?

by veterinary_clinic_traverse_city 15. February 2014 15:49

Most pet owners don’t realize that dental disease in pets is one of the most common conditions that vets treat in dogs and cats.  It isn’t always easy to tell when a pet needs pet dental services in Kalkaska, as they don’t always let you know that something hurts.  In many cases, pet owners don’t even notice that there is a problem with their pet’s teeth until the vet tells them.  Your pet’s dental health health is incredibly important, however, which is why pet dental services are a crucial part of healthy pet care.

Pet dental care is pretty typical to what you get at your own dentist.  Pet dentists clean your pet’s teeth in order to remove plaque, bacteria and other types of build up in the mouth.  Just as with your teeth, clearing out these germs in your pet’s mouth reduces the chances of dental disease developing, and it helps to keep your pet’s breath fresh as well.


In cases where a tooth is broken or has to be pulled, pet dentists go in and take care of the problem quickly and easily in order to prevent other problems, including infection, from developing.  Just as with a pet tooth cleaning, all other pet dental problems are typically performed while the animal is completely sedated.  This helps to reduce pain, stress and aggravation for your pet and also helps the vet to get the job done safely.


Periodontal disease, cancer and other conditions can often be avoided simply by taking great care of your pet’s teeth.  Keeping your pet’s teeth as healthy as possible by getting regular cleanings, checking their teeth every once in a while for damage, and by looking for other signs that dental care is needed is the best way to prevent future health problems down the road.  For pet owners that want to provide the highest level of care for their pet, adding pet dental care to your routine maintenance is an important step that can be taken at your next visit.  Ask you vet about your pet’s dental health today!


Signs that Your Dog or Cat Needs a Pet Dental Cleaning in Kalkaska

by veterinary_clinic_traverse_city 8. February 2014 15:57

Pet dental cleanings in Kalkaska are incredibly important when it comes to the long term health of your pet.  Cats and dogs typically have pretty filthy mouths that are filled with germs and bacteria.  If left untreated and allowed to grow and develop, these germs can lead to serious health problems in pets and in the humans that love them.  Infections in the teeth and gums can lead to painful conditions that may require surgery and which can eventually lead to problems with the heart and kidneys if left untreated.  Fortunately for pet owners, regular dental care can make all the difference in the world and can help to prevent bigger problems later on.

There are some classic, telltale signs that your cat or dog either needs a dental cleaning or that they may need some more advanced dental care that includes oral surgery.  Bad breath, obviously swollen gums and stains on the teeth are all common signs that your pet needs to see a veterinary dentist.  In more advanced cases, where there is a loose tooth or several broken teeth, oral surgery and antibiotic treatment may be required to clear out any infections.  Common signs that your pet may need more than just a cleaning include problems with eating, including struggling to chew their normal food up and choking on pieces of food.  You may also notice that your pet whines or becomes aggressive when they are lightly touched near tender areas of the mouth.

If you notice that your pet has any of the signs discussed above, you should contact a vet that specializes in pet dentistry right away.  In many cases, the problem can be resolved quickly and painlessly for your pet, and you can rest easy that you aren’t missing any hidden oral health problems.  By taking care of your pet’s oral health, they will be healthier and happier under your care.

Important Questions You Should Ask at Your Next Visit to the Animal Hospital in Traverse City

by veterinary_clinic_traverse_city 8. February 2014 15:46

We all want to make sure that our pets are well-cared for in every aspect of their lives.  When looking for a new vet or animal hospital in Traverse City, there are always questions that you should ask before making an appointment, including questions about the staff’s background and experience with your type of pet.  Once you’ve arrived at your appointment, there are some important questions that you can ask that will definitely benefit your pet’s health.  Read on for some helpful tips on what you should be asking your vet the next time you are at the animal hospital.

Before going to the vet, it’s helpful to put together a list of questions regarding your pet’s health, including anything out of the ordinary you’ve noticed or any concerns you may have about their health.  If you have noticed that they are losing weight, drinking more water or simply just aren’t acting like themselves, it’s a good idea to mention it at your next appointment, as these can all be signs of poor health.

Perhaps one of the most helpful questions you can ask is about your pet’s weight and what type of diet is best for them.  Many pet owners don’t realize that their pet is overweight until they are weighted at the vet, so it’s always a good idea to ask the vet to weigh your animal.  This makes it easier to tell if your pet is within the healthy weight range for its breed or if it needs to lose a few pounds.  If your pet is overweight or underweight, the vet can make recommendations on the best food options for you.

If your vet determines that your pet is ill or suffering from an underlying health condition that you may not have noticed, then they will likely prescribe specific treatment that could include medication and diet changes.  If this happens on your next visit ask the doctor for details on what you can do to help your pet and what signs you should look for that may indicate your pet isn’t recovering as expected.  By being proactive in being informed about your pet’s health, you can get the most out of every vet visit 

Does my pet really need a teeth cleaning?

by Administrator 20. January 2014 16:16

Imagine how your mouth would feel, taste, look and smell if you NEVER brushed your teeth!  Dental care for your pet is something that is often overlooked and your pets bad breath is never normal.  Periodontal disease is the most common disease among dogs and cats, it affects about 8 out of 10 of our pets 3 years of age and older.


Signs of dental disease in pets:


·         bad breath

·         excessive salivation

·         refusing to eat or dropping food

·         rubbing or pawing at the face

·         loose or broken teeth 

·         red inflamed gums


Many pets never show symptoms beyond bad breath. Without regular veterinary exams, much of our pet's dental disease isn't detected until it reaches a bad condition.  We recommend a complete oral exam yearly.  Cleanings may be recommended based on the findings from the exam. We also recommend some type of home care to maintain your pets oral health in between cleanings. We can discuss and work with you as to what method would work best for you and your pet.


Northern Michigan Veterinary Hospital, one of the few vets in Traverse City, that is equipped with a complete and advanced dental suite. All new digital dental radiography allows for rapid diagnosis and immediate treatment of periodontal/endodontic infections.


We perform pain-free surgical extractions when needed, with use of regional nerve blocks and multimodal approach to pain management.  We have become the trusted vet hospital Elk Rapids, Acme, Kalkaska, and Traverse City clients have come to trust with their pet's dental care. 


February is National Pet Dental Health Month, promoting awareness of oral problems in dogs and cats. To have your pets' mouth evaluated and to make a specific home dental plan, give us a call now to schedule your pet

s dental consultation.   Pet's need dental care too!


In the month of February everyone who schedules a dental cleaning, at Northern Michigan Veterinary Hospital, will receive a 10% discount! 



Why Continuing Education Is So Important for your Pets Vet, Even Though It's Not Required

by Administrator 6. January 2014 11:52

Did you know that the State of Michigan does not require Doctors of Veterinary Medicine to complete any continuing education after they have received their diploma.  Crazy, right?  We think so! 

Continuing education (CE) is one of the most important things that we can do for ourselves, our staff and our patients.  Northern Michigan Veterinary Hospital and Dr. Peck puts a strong focus on CE for himself and his entire staff.  Dr. Peck was the local Northern Michigan Veterinary Medical Association co-president for 14 years.  He worked closely with another local veterinarian to bring regionally and nationally known speakers to Northern Michigan to help keep himself, his staff, and colleagues up to date on the latest in the veterinary medical world.  Dr. Peck and the entire NMVH staff still attend events put on by the NMVMA as well as conferences put on at the state level through the Michigan Veterinary Medical Association.  Our mission is to stay on top of the best medical practices for your pet so that we can be referred to as the best veterinary clinic in Traverse City. 

It would be so easy to stay complacent and continue to offer what you know and believe is the best medicine available.  But NMVH doesn't stop there.  We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways that we can keep your pets living longer and healthier lives.  That is why is 2011 the entire NMVH team got certified in Class IV Cold Laser Therapy.  This was the 1st of its kind in Traverse City.  Laser Therapy allows us to offer another option in pain management, outside of just offering medications.

In 2012 Dr. Peck took his CE one step further and traveled to Texas to become certified in Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM).  Dr. Peck has been using VOM & Cold Laser Therapy in his practice ever since and has been able to help a number of patients deal with pain, all ranging from arthritis, hip dysplasia, neurological, wound and post-op pain. 

Last year, in 2013, our very own Veterinary Technician, Aimee, traveled to Ohio to get certified in Pet Massage Therapy.  This has become another tool in our tool box to assist those pets that deal with pain, and/or behavioral issues. 

Another reason why CE is so important to Dr. Peck and NMVH is because it expands his resources and network of other veterinarians and specialists.   If a tough case ever comes through our door, Dr. Peck has a good working relationship with a team of specialists that he has come to know through his years of being in the industry and attending these CE classes.  These specialists are just a phone call away and are always willing to assist Dr. Peck with those interesting cases. 

Northern Michigan Veterinary Hospital is committed to investing our time, money, and resources into you and your pets to ensure that your pet receives the best veterinary care in Northern Michigan.  

What are pet owners saying about Northern Michigan Veterinary Hospital?

by Administrator 17. September 2013 14:11

Pet owners have many choices when it comes to pet care in Traverse City, Elk Rapids, Kalkaska and all the surrounding area.  Most of the clients at Northern Michigan Veterinary Hospital have been referred by a friend of family member that has brought their pet in to see Dr. Peck over the years that he’s been a veterinarian in Traverse City area.  Listen to what our clients are saying about their experience at Northern Michigan Veterinary Hospital 

“My German Shepherd, Herbal was diagnosed with hip dysplasia in March of 2012.   In April of 2013 he was getting worse and would no longer jump on my bed or up into the vehicle and would cry out in pain often.   I looked into hip replacement surgery and found it would cost about $10,000 dollars and there were no guarantees.   I was beside myself and prayed for answers..    In June of 2013 I was told about Northern Michigan Veterinary Hospital and a VOM/VMR & Massage Therapy that they offered.    I set up an appointment and on June 28th we went in for a second opinion and talk about the therapy they offered.    Dr. Peck agreed with the diagnoses of hip dysplasia and then explained the options and was very honest about the therapy and how he thought it would help.   The cost was affordable for me and so we set up a plan and Herbal was given his first treatment that day.  During the treatment he was uneasy but with the compassion and care of Dr. Peck and his staff he did great!!   By the third treatment I could see a huge difference in him and the spark was back in his eyes.      It has been almost 3 months and my 110lbs dog is acting like a puppy and wants to play with the other dogs again.   He is jumping back on the bed and the other day before I had a chance to stop him he had hopped into the vehicle!!    I have my fun loving furry baby back and I couldn’t be more happy and relieved. My thanks to God for answered prayers and to you Dr. Peck and your staff for helping Herbal and I through this.”    - Julie        


“I am so thankful for Dr. Peck and his wonderful staff for all that they have done for me and Roscoe.  They go above and beyond to educate and inform their patients “parents” at all steps along the way.  The entire staff is warm and welcoming, and both Roscoe and I love to go there.  I highly recommend Northern Michigan Veterinary Hospital”        -Carrie


“My husband and I are so glad that we have Dr. Peck and EVERYONE at Northern Michigan Veterinary Hospital to care for our pets.  
We have become firm believers in the VOM Treatments that Dr. Eric and staff have performed on our Golden Retriever, Dozer.  
Dozer had a couple of incidents in the past two years all of the sudden when running and playing/jumping he would suddenly cower in pain and barely be able to walk.  Of course, we feared the worst - a torn ligament or some severe back or hip injury.  After complete work ups and tests, it seems he is just tweaking something in his back.
After this was determined we started VOM treatments with Dr. Peck and WOW!  Amazing results.  We are going to make this part of "regular" checkups for Dozer from now on so that hopefully in the future he won't have an issues where he suffers like he has in the past.  
I truly appreciate the personal attention and care that we receive at NMVH.  Whenever there is any issue or question, we can count on a quick and honest answer along with a solution or suggestions as to what we should do!  THANKS NMVH! -Candie

“Our nearly 13 year old lab, Oscar, has been a patient of Dr. Peck’s for years.  He had a very successful repair of a torn ACL a few years ago.  Recently, he began laser therapy treatments; it has been amazing to see the change in his comfort level and agility.  We feel very fortunate to have a veterinarian of this caliber in our area.”  - Kris

Northern Michigan Veterinary Hospital is dedicated to the pets in the Traverse City area

by Administrator 29. August 2013 10:40

Ever since opening our doors in 2009 we have had a strong connection and commitment to the community of pets in Traverse City and the surrounding areas.  Our involvement in pet activities range from fun events such as the annual Winter Wow!Festival and the monster dog pull, to the Acme Fall Festival and various other pet events in Traverse City.   In the winter of 2013 we took on a cat hoarder case and the team at Northern Michigan Veterinary Hospital along with client and friend volunteers rescued, bathed, vaccinated, neutered, and placed 30 cats into new loving homes.  In September 2013 we will be partnering with 9 & 10 News, Invisible Fence of Traverse City, and the Acme Business Association to put on a pet expo and adoption event where the goal will be to place 40 pets from various pet adoption agencies in the Traverse City area into new forever homes.  Northern Michigan Veterinary Hospital along with other Traverse City veterinarians offer a discounted pet care program for those people who adopt pets from the area pet adoption agencies.  We find that this is another way we can give back to the community of pet lovers so we can make the start up costs of owning a new pet a little more affordable for the clients and also get the pets off on a new healthy start.  

Throughout the year Dr. Peck, an experienced avian veterinarian and the staff at Northern Michigan Veterinary Hospital assist with the treatment and surgeries on injured raptors that are brought in by raptor rehabilitators such as Rebecca Lessard with the Wings of Wonder Organization.  The team at Northern Michigan Veterinary Hospital donates their time and resources to help these beautiful birds with the hopes that they will be released back into the wild or can become a part of the educational programs put on by Rebecca and the Wings of Wonder programs. 

Within our hospital we also put on community wide programs like our annual Lost But Not Forgotten Pet Memorial Service.  This is where we invite pet owners to come to NMVH on the third Thursday in May each year to celebrate the lives of our pets that we’ve had to say good-bye to this year.  This service has proven to be a very healing experience for those that attend and mourn the loss of their beloved pet. 

Monthly Northern Michigan Veterinary  Hospital also offers Puppy Social Hour on the second Wednesday of every month.  This free community event allows puppies and puppy parents to come together to play and socialize and helps puppies realize that coming to the vet hospital doesn’t have to be a negative experience, it can also be fun!

As a way to reach out to our neighbors and senior citizens in our community we have started a program called the Grand Traverse County Senior Center Network Pet Care Program.  This is a two-part program where monthly we bring to the residence pet activities such as Puppy Social Hour, dog agility demo, pet meet and greet; where residence got to meet  not only a dog, but also a pet milk snake, and pet domestic rat.  We also hosted a dinner program at Hope Village where we got to mingle with the residence and introduce our program and everyone got a chance to win prizes during our pet trivia game.  The second part of the Pet Care Program is assistance to the residence that have pets of their own.  With this package we offer appointment pick-up/drop-off in addition a senior discount for services.  This program has been so rewarding for our staff and the residence at Hope Village and the Grand Traverse Senior Center Network look forward to their monthly activities with these loving animals. 

Northern Michigan Veterinary Hospital is not just a Vet hospital in Traverse City, we care about the community of pets in Traverse City and we are here for you and your beloved furry and feathered friends!

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