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What are the best and most effective pet allergy treatments?

by veterinary_clinic_traverse_city 13. April 2016 02:17

While there is no absolute cure for pets with allergies, there are still many effective steps you can take as a pet owner to lessen the impacts that allergies can have on your dog or cat: 

Avoid allergens.  Reducing dogs’ and cats’ exposure to mites, pollens and mold can be a simple but effective way to bring relief to your animal.  If your animal stays indoors most of the time, then you can vacuum more frequently using a HEPA filtered vacuum, keep windows closed and run air filters on a regular basis.  Avoid using perfumes or laundry detergents with scented elements and whenever possible, keep your pet on hard floors instead of carpeting. 

Use Yucca and Fatty Acids.  Yucca is a natural anti-inflammatory that can resolve symptoms without the side effects that steroids might produce.  Concentrated liquid forms are available to add to your pet’s diet, or that can be applied directly to their skin.  Fatty acids decrease the possibility of your pet’s immune system over-reacting.  Although it may take several weeks for the fatty acids to build into your pet’s cells, the impact may be significant over the long term. 

Use medicated shampoos and conditioners.  Shampoos that contain oatmeal, pramoxine and Omega-6 fatty acids can stop itching and alleviate allergic symptoms.  Some dogs and cats also react well to using antihistamines, but this is not always the case. 

Steroids and Immune Modulators.  Oral steroids prescribed by a veterinarian are initially highly effective and can suppress allergy symptoms but lose effectiveness the more often they are used.  Topical steroids used on skin and in eyes are also available.  Immune modulators stop histamines from being released into a pet’s system and work more often than not to relieve allergy symptoms.  

Consult with your veterinarian.  Allergy relief is an ongoing issue and your best course of action at some point is to consult with a trained professional to help your pet get the best possible treatment over the long term. 

Located in Williamsburg and providing effective pet allergy services to Traverse City, Elk Rapids, Acme, Kalkaska and nearby communities, Northern Michigan Veterinary Hospital is a fully equipped regional facility serving the routine and emergency needs of pet owners since 2009.

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