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Tasks of Veterinarians in Traverse City

by veterinary_clinic_traverse_city 5. April 2017 13:11

Pets are not only a huge part of our lives; they’re a part of our families. Whether you have a playful puppy, cordial cat, or blithe bird, the health of our animals is important. All pet owners need a trusted professional to help keep their pets healthy. That’s where veterinarians come in.

Veterinarians, often called “vets” for short, are trained medical professionals who treat diseases, injuries, and disorders in a wide variety of animals. To be a vet in the United States, you must obtain an official license by passing a state board examination. This is done by first receiving a Bachelor’s degree, then a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from an accredited school. Becoming a vet requires a lot of work and study.

Once someone is officially a vet, they can choose to receive additional training to specialize in a specific area of veterinary medicine. Some of those areas include:



-Emergency Care


-Preventative Medicine

-Animal Welfare


Being a vet can be tough work. Unlike people, pets are unable to vocalize and express symptoms. Vets must rely on their training and expertise to properly diagnose a wide variety of sick and injured animals. A vet’s work doesn’t end with diagnoses. Vets must know how to treat animals, whether that means simply prescribing a medicine or performing a complex surgery.

Many vets choose to obtain additional training so they can care for a specific animal species, including birds, horses, cats and dogs, reptiles, exotic animals, and even animals specifically raised for meat.

Many vets work at animal clinics and hospitals, where most all pet owners can bring their animals for treatment. But that’s not always the case. Vets are also needed at zoos, theme parks, racetracks, and universities.

There are many vets in the Traverse City area, but none more trained or professional than those at the Northern Michigan Veterinary Hospital. So if you live in Traverse City, Elk Rapids, Kalkaska, or any of the neighboring areas and are looking for a vet, consider us to care for your beloved pets.



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