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Pet Pain Management in Traverse City

by veterinary_clinic_traverse_city 29. March 2017 13:09

One of the worst things for any pet owner is to watch their beloved animal suffer in pain. Whether your pet is ill, recovering from an injury, or suffering the effects of old age, it’s important for owners to know their options for pet pain management.

Before you can take any steps in managing your pet’s pain, you need to learn how to recognize that your pet is in pain or discomfort. Some animals make it easy. It’s obvious a pet is suffering when it cries out in pain, resists movement, or refuses to eat. If the signs aren’t as obvious, try to notice behavioral changes in your pet. Have they stopped doing things they normally do each day? Are they reluctant to interact with you? Do they seem generally unhappy? Slight changes in behavior could be the only way your dog is able to convey they need help.

Fortunately for all pet owners, there are many ways you can treat pain in animals. For starters, make sure your animal is getting a healthy, high-quality diet. If you think your pet’s pain needs more advanced treatment, it’s best to see a professional. Although our pets will never be able to tell us what's wrong verbally, veterinarians are well-equipped to try to pinpoint pain and can lay out options for owners. There are plenty of different kinds of medicines that can help pets. Remember that you are your pet’s advocate. Don’t be afraid to ask what your options are, what kinds of medications are available, and if any other treatment is needed for pet pain management. In some cases, a surgical or another invasive procedure may be recommended to help manage or eliminate your pet’s pain.

At the Northern Michigan Veterinary Hospital, we see all sorts of animals from the Traverse City, Elk Rapids, and Kalkaska area. All animals are different, but pain is a common problem and is something we are used to treating and managing. If you need some pet pain management advice and you're in the Traverse City area, feel free to schedule an appointment to get your pet on the road to a life with less pain.



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