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Advanced Soft Tissue Surgery

Surgery on eyes, ears, and other soft tissue areas.

Routine and Non-Routine Soft Tissue Surgeries

All surgeries are performed in our spacious, state-of-the-art surgical suite and with sophisticated anesthetic monitoring equipment. Whether your pet is visiting us for a routine or complicated procedure all of our patients will be assigned a dedicated anesthetic nurse that monitors heart rate, oxygen levels, respiration, and blood pressure. This anesthetic nurse is with the patient the entire time the pet is under general anesthesia and keeps a detailed chart of the above parameters. During specific procedures and emergency cases your pet may also require a surgical nurse to scrub-in to assist  the doctor with the procedure. Our trained and compassionate surgical team takes every case very serious which ensures that each and every surgical patient is in the best care at all times.

Our hospital has the ability to perform most soft tissue surgeries your pet may need including:

  • gastric dilation/volvulus with gastropexy
  • abdominal exploratory
  • gastrotomy, enterotomy
  • cystotomy
  • tumor removals
  • biopsy

All routine surgeries, including spays and neuters, are performed in the same advanced surgical suite with the same anesthetic monitoring protocol.

For more information on our surgeries, please call us at (231) 938-9500.

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